Cheers to 2024

Cheers to the New Year!  2024

​Thank you to all that have supported me, recommended me, and also those who helped me achieve The Local Business Person of the Year in the St. Charles area!

​I have met so many new and wonderful people this year. It has been a different year in my Art World, with having worked part-time on my business, and growing accustomed to working in a new state, with the hope of establishing a new following that enjoys my style.

​​Regardless of all, it has been a rewarding year and a year of trial and error with a lot of note taking for things to try in the New Year. Reward alone is having someone purchase my artwork and just loving it. My motto is "Art To Make You Smile", and I saw this many times throughout year at the shows I presented at.

Wishing you all a Happy, and Healthy New Year! Just keep on Smiling:)

CHEERS ALL -  Debby Olsen